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I’ve thought about doing this blog stuff quite a few times. Even started it a few times too and then never hit the ‘update’ button.  Truth is I didn’t know if once I’d started it, I’d be able to continue with it for reasons that may (I hope) become clear.  Someone suggested to me today on twitter (not the first person) that I should start a blog about myself. Not being one that wants to live with regrets, that suggestion  was the final –not ‘nail in the coffin’ as I’m not about to pop my clogs just yet – but that’s the general principle for want of a better analogy. So, here goes…..

Hi. I’m Bex, I’m 27, live in the North West of England. Oh yeah, one other small thing… I have cancer. Don’t get excited though, my cancer doesn’t define me. He can’t. I’m bigger than him. That’s why I call him my little C. And say your prayers for him, for soon, he will be TOAST! Amen.

I’m due to hold hands again with Sir Chemo-Alot tomorrow so I’ll have to make this initial blog post somewhat short. I’ve upgraded him from Mr Chemo as I thought it only necessary as we’ve seen so much of each other and I want to take things to the next level.  And nope I’m not mad by personifying my chemo and cancer. That’s only part of my madness.

I often wondered how I would start to ‘Blog’. Some people say start at the beginning. But a story such as mine, I feel, doesn’t need a linear narrative. If it’s to be anything like the character of who it reflects then it should jump about here, there and everywhere.

My blog, I feel will concentrate on mostly humour and staying positive when faced with adversity. We’re all going to die one day. That’s a fact. But why go to our maker unhappy?  It makes me feel better when I laugh. So I like to do it as much as possible. And I’d like to share those laughs with you. There will be some serious stuff too of course. As life can be serious.  But I still like to laugh at it nonetheless. I think I should mention here about my fundraising as that’s what’s become really important to me of late. So if you’re on facebook, look me up … .’bubblybex is kicking the cancer’ and twitter I’m on as @bubblybex  always looking for a laugh and to spread news of latest fundraising stuff. Or please visit my just-giving page for cancer research


I’m also in the process of organising two charity events next year.  One will be for the department at the hospital that helps me and thousands of others. They give me my chemo but go above and beyond their calls of duty. I know why nurses were labelled ‘angels of mercy’. My ones are.  The department, although funded through NHS, they rely more on donations for the life saving equipments they use daily. The other charity event will be for cancer research UK. This is a charity which is understandably close to my heart.

So that’s it…it has begun.  I done meself a liccle blog. Hope to see you soon. Must dash.  I need my beauty sleep if I’m seeing my fella…Sir Chemo –Alot tomorrow.

Toodle pips!

Bex xxx

Time with Sir Chemo-Alot

Holding hands with Sir Chemo-Alot


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